Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Guest Post from Jeanne re Working Class Quakers

A Friend named Jeanne left a comment yesterday on my post from December 2005 about the New York City Transit Strike. Since not many people peruse my old posts, and since I think Jeanne's comment seems valuable to me, I am taking the liberty of offering it here as a guest post. BTW, I see that Jeanne says her partner writes the blog "The Good Raised Up." Any Friend of Liz is a Friend of mine (though I've only "met" LIz through the blogosphere and not in the flesh).

Anyway, Jeanne's guest-post is as follows:

Jeanne said...
Greetings all,

I found this two-year-old post by doing a google search on 'quaker working class'. It's one of the only pertinent sites I found.

I'm writing because I took George Lakey's "Quakers and Social Class" workshop at Gathering this year (2007, River Falls, WI) and I'm looking to talk with other Quakers about social class, especially to Quakers who are either working class or grew up working class and who also feel like an odd duck among Quakers. I grew up working class and discovered in George's workshop that I've internalized much of modern Quaker's middle-class and owning-class tendencies. This, for me, has been much like discovering in my early twenties the depth to which the patriarchy had affected my life.

I'm starting a google group for working class Quakers or Quakers who grew up working class. Email me if you're interested in joining at njeanneburns at gmail.com.

I have heard of some of you because my partner writes the blog The Good Raised Up.

I hope someone reads this!

:-) Jeanne

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