Monday, March 13, 2006

Harmeet Sooden, James Loney and Norman Kember.

The Death of Tom Fox has hit us Quakers especially hard, since he was a Quaker also and widely known among the Quaker community even before going to Iraq.

Yet he was just one of the four captive members of the Christian Peacemakers Teams. Even in our grief about Tom, let's also continue to pray and work for the release of Harmeet Sooden, Janes Loney and Norman Kemper. And also, of course, for all the other victims of this cruel cruel war, whatever their religion, nationality, or politics.

May the war end speedily!

- - Rich Accetta-Evans



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am looking for Quaker groups in Brooklyn. Can you tell me about any I can get in touch with to find out about how Quakers in Brooklyn are reacting to the war and the death of Tom Fox? Does Fox have any family in Brooklyn?

Thank you

3:46 PM, March 24, 2006  
Blogger Rich in Brooklyn said...

Dear anonymous:

Although I live in Brooklyn I personally attend Meeting in Manhattan.

To get in touch with Friends in Brooklyn, I would start with the Brooklyn Friends Meeting. They have a web site here. The Brooklyn meetinghouse is located at 110 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (the corner of Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street). Meeting for worship is on Sundays at 11 o'clock and - as at all Friends Meetings - all are welcome.

- - Rich Accetta-Evans

2:17 PM, March 25, 2006  

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