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More from the new George Fox web site

I am still hoping that more Friends will comment on the new George Fox website created by Hall and Joan Worthington (thanks to Johann Maurer for his comment on the post I wrote yesterday). I do not find that I agree with everything the Worthingtons say, and I hope to find time to put some of my questions and responses into words, but in the meantime I am delighted to find that these two people I never heard of have discovered the richness of George Fox's message.

I have now learned, from correspondence with Hall Worthington, that I was incorrect in assuming that they had first heard of Fox through contact with Friends. Hall discovered Fox independently through his own reading. Indeed, he found when he did explore Quakerism-as-it-is-today that it is quite different from what he had thought George Fox was talking about. I know that many Quaker bloggers have had the same experience. Whatever differences I may discern between my own views and the Halls', it seems very important to me to open up a channel of communication between Friends who take George Fox's Christian message seriously, and these non-Friends who (unexpectedly) do the same.

To stimulate further discussion I am now going to quote a kind of summary of George Fox's message and ministry as the Worthingtons understand it.


George Fox reestablished the true gospel (power of God)
that was lost for 1260 years and is again lost today. The gospel difference is:

1) God's peace to you. God's perfect example, (Christ) does not condemn you, but rather gives you His peace and asks you to trust Him to help you find heaven on earth.


2) He wants to purify you, perfect you, destroy all the sinful nature in your body, give you a new heart and mind, and make you one with Him and the Father. (not presumptively, but in reality). He wants you to not be burdened with your unhappiness and misery (Hell on earth), but rather to lead you to joy, peace, and happiness - the Kingdom of Heaven (Heaven on earth).

3) The process of purification is so simple, the wise of the earth scoff at it:
  • Seek his kingdom within you and its' righteousness (and all else will be added)
    (your necessary first priority)
  • On a daily basis, in private, get quiet and think on the name of Jesus Christ.

    ( His name is the power to purify you; stay your hope in him changing you. When not quiet, think on whatever is noble, good, honest, lovely,etc. If there are others with the same hope to meet with, meditate with them.)

  • Listen and watch. (eyes closed or open, it works both ways)

  • Obey any simple, easy to understand commands heard or felt.
    (You will hear many voices. Use scripture to validate. Don't fill in the blanks.)

  • Practice acts love and kindness energized through faith.
    (even the little things count! big things too encourage each other to practice giving, love, and good deeds "the only thing that counts is love energized by faith" )

  • He awaits you. He is the Rewarder of those who seek Him.

4) This Christ and gospel is powerful enough to change us on this side of the grave and make us like Him. This Christ and gospel can destroy the sinful nature of sexual immorality, impurity, debauchery, idolatry, hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, envy, drunkenness, etc. and replace them with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Dear Friend,

You invite comments about the website of Hall & Joan Worthington.

By the grace of God, whilst in a isolated retreat I was given an unexpected ‘Opening’ as to the Reality of Christ which instantly and completely ended my twenty five year association with Buddhism in general and Buddhist meditation practices in particular ( I was recognized by both the Mahayana and Southern School as both an accomplished meditator and teacher of same.)

Being a student of Dharma all my adult life I had always avoided Christendom repulsed by what I had seen of it on occasional viewings on television or from door knocking evangelicals and had dismissed it as nothing but three dimensional exoteric delusion used to exploit and control those willing to be exploited and controlled.

However, one can not 'undo' Revelation so I set about exploring the various sects of Christendom in the hope of finding meaningful fellowship only to discover my previous reasons for rejecting Christendom were well founded. Lots of nice blind people being led by the blind.

Then I came across the 'Journal of George Fox' and there was an immediate recognition that the LIGHT that he spoke of was the same which had quickened me to the Reality of Jesus Christ and of same transcendent magnitude as the original Revelation bestowed upon the first Christians.

Investigating via book and the web as many as I could of those calling themselves ‘Quakers’ I found little of worth and much that was worse than worthless, i.e., Quakerism absent of the expressed I AM, Christ Jesus.

I knew them to be Quakers that George Fox would have considered to be just yet another sect of professors who did not ‘own’ that which they spoke of and largely involved with the cultural and causes that they perceived to ‘Quakerish‘.

And, then I came across Joan and Hall Worthington’s web site and knew I had found the ‘Friends’.

The worth of the web site for sincere seekers is self evident upon even a quick perusal. To those that are not satisfied with talking the talk modern non Christian Quakerism but want to walk the walk of Christ this is where the instructional wheat has already been separated from the ‘cultural Quaker chaff“.

The section on meditation is excellent and for me made the distinction I sought between meditation ’technique’ and ‘Being still and knowing’. The difference is as thin as razors edge but as vast as the difference between God given redemption by grace and the attempt to lift one’s ‘self’ up but one’s own boot straps.

I have no doubt this web page will be very unpopular with the non-Christian professors of Quakerism as it exposes much of what they have written in both this and the last centaury for what it is, theology, which is to say, mental constructs from the brain organs of men and not from the LIGHT within man.

The breadth and depth of the subjects covered in Hall & Joan’s web page is considerable and all of it helpful to those hungering and thirsting for union , communion and the direct, intimate, lip to ear guidance of HIS LIGHT. I know of no better instructional guide than this web sit born not from ‘head knowledge’ but direct experience and for those that make of Hall’s and Joan’s gift of web site I have no doubt they will be as appreciate as I am for their fine effort.

Stuart Comyn

3:16 PM, August 26, 2008  

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