Thursday, February 17, 2005

Posting Again

I haven't posted anything since February 7, largely because I've been trying to get the hang of posting via e-mail (which will be immensely easier for me) and it hasn't been working. I'm waiting for a reply from blogger support to my pleas for help, but in the meantime I'll go back to posting the old-fashioned way.

This post will be mainly devoted to pointing out recent enhancements to my sidebar.

First, the sidebar no longer lists the ten most recent posts, which it used to do no matter how lame the most recent posts were. Now it lists whatever posts I've decided I like the best (and it does so whether or not they're recent).

Second, I've added some new links:

The Quakers In the News blog is especially interesting and quite different from any of the others I link to. It gives us a way to see ourselves as the media sees us. The creator of this blog, who I know but won't mention by name, since he doesn't, is doing Friends a real service by keeping up with and sharing this information. One article he lists deals with an agreement by Friends Hospital in Philadelphia to form a "partnership" with a big health care chain. Though the hospital board presents this as a good thing, my own instinct (based on my experience with the healthcare "industry") is to doubt it. Incidentally, this hospital was recently mentioned on Ruthie-Annie's blog because of its historic role as a pioneer in humane treatment of mentally ill people.

The third change in my blog is to add a page hit counter and a feature that should let me (or you) look up what pages have been linking to the blog. This is intended to satisfy my curiosity. Potentially it could also stoke my ego and flatter my narcissism, but the results thus far tend more to the humbling than the exalting.

Hope you enjoy the blog and its changes.

- - Rich Accetta-Evans


Blogger QiN-Hombre said...

Thank you Rich, for your viewpoint on the Quakers in the News blog. We'll see if we get any dialog from Friends on news stories.

7:32 PM, February 17, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a wonderful Quaker blog:

7:51 AM, February 18, 2005  
Blogger Rich in Brooklyn said...

You're welcome, QiN-Hombre. I hope there is some dialog on Quakers in the News.

Chris Japeley, I took a look at the blog you recommend and will place a link to it in my sidebar. I was a tad annoyed, however, that I couldn't read the posts clearly because NTodd apparently placed a big banner trumpeting his awards in such a position that it obscures the last few characters of each line in the posts. Maybe that's the typepad way? I haven't actually seen a typepad blog before.

By the way, I've been reading your poems in the little book called Apertif that I obtained from the 15th Street book table and I really appreciate them.
- - Rich Accetta-Evans

8:55 AM, February 18, 2005  

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