Monday, December 20, 2004

Just A Quick Note

I have just enough time for a quick note now. Stayed up late last night adding some links to the sidebar of this page. It takes forever because my ancient computer at home can hardly cope with a browser modern enough to handle blogs. The computer works fine with Netscape 4.0, for example, but Netscape 4.0 doesn't even show the sidebar on this blog, much less allow me to edit it. Netscape 7.2 does the job, but it takes several minutes after clicking the mouse to get from the "edit HTML" to "Preview".

Question: Is refusing to buy a newer computer with more memory an aspect of what I've been calling the New Plain? Or is it just being cheap?

We had a full day at the 15th Street Meetinghouse yesterday. I hope to say more about that later.


Blogger Lorcan said...

At least thee has a computer, Friend.

Another Friend who gets loud about what is plain and what is not plain (jeans made in China for this Friend are plain if bought second hand, plain dress made by a taylor so a Friend knows that it is fair labour is not plain...) well back to the main point this Friend who judges the plain among us, says he wont have a computer because it is not plain, then calls me on the phone all the time to send emails for him...

so, yeah, I guess it IS thy cheep leadings, only kidding again, Rich, keep thy old computer as long as thee is comfortable with it, as Fox said. (though this really IS a myth, Penn never owned a computer)

11:08 AM, December 21, 2004  

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