Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Note to Self: Remember the Posts You Intend to Create

I have been working for several weeks on two talks about Quakerism I have been invited to give to Roman Catholic audiences. This doesn't leave much time for blogging, except for the little quick posts that sometimes arise from daily events. Just so I don't forget, though:

  • I intend (God willing) to write a better response to some questions back in December from Leila, the creator of the Sister Scorpion blog.
  • I want to create a Part II of my post awhile back about testing leadings.
  • I want to muse aloud about the challenges of being both a faithful Christ-follower and tender to Friends afflicted with Christo-phobia at the same time.

I've learned not to make promises about these things, even to myself: I merely take note of my good intentions. We'll see what happens.


Blogger Joe G. said...

Why do I like the phrase "Christo-phobic"? It reminds me of the phrase homophobic. I've been both in my lifetime!

I hope that the opportunity affords itself for you commentary - "as way opens", I guess.

10:39 PM, January 17, 2006  

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